Wondertex Filler & Finish Bundle

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SKU: AMA10967

Wondertex filler is a plaster based fast setting compound for the bedding and filling of tapes, external metal angles and corner tapes.

  • Just mix with water for easy application
  • Super fine for a smooth finish
  • Fast setting for early sanding
  • Effortless sanding
  • Minimal shrinkage for no cracks
  • 60-90 minutes working time

Wondertex Finish is suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints. It is specially developed for hand and machine jointing and may be referred to in the marketplace as a joint cement.

  • Just mix with water for easy application
  • Suitable for hand and machine jointing
  • Extended working time, less wastage
  • Effortless sanding
  • No shrinkage so no cracking
  • 180 minutes working time

    Wondertex Mixing bucket

    • 28ltr
    • Transparent
    • Complete with litre scale and metal handle


    24 x Wondertex Prem Finish (25kg)

    32 x Wondertex Prem Filler (12.5kg)

    1 x Wondertex Mixing Bucket (28 ltrs) ***FREE Mixing Bucket***