Wethertex GRC - Fibre Glass Reinforced Base Coat / Filler - 25kg


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Wethertex GRC is a highly polymer modified and fibre reinforced high-performance cement based waterproofing base coat. The ultimate base for mixed substrates, it has excellent workability and finishing time properties. This product can be applied by hand or spray in low temperatures and used as a scratch base coat ready to receive a through coloured render or as a flat finish ready to receive a thin coat render.

Suitable Substrates

Concrete, Clay, Lightweight Block, Brick, Dash and Roughcast Render

Coverage Approximately 1.5m2 per bag @ 10mm thick



All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free of any material which may impair adhesion. Do not apply to shiny surfaces. Scaffolding must be independently tied to allow for uninterrupted application. Any faults in the structure, particularly those which may lead to moisture penetration, must be rectified. Mask around the areas where the material is to be applied. Masking tape must be removed before the material has dried out. Beads and expansion joints should be included as required by the substrate and British Standards and carried through all applied materials. Specifications for mixed or unusual substrates are available on request.


Wet down dry substrates with clean water.


GRC Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling Base Coat should be mixed with clean water at a rate of approximately 4.75 litres per 25kg bag using a suitable paddle or pan mixer, mix for 2 minutes, allow standing for 2 minutes, then remix. This process allows the chemical additives to dissolve and activate.


To avoid dampness and discolouration rendering should be avoided below DPC or within 150mm of ground level. GRC Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling