Weber Retardateur Monocouche - 20ltr

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By Weber

Weber retardateur monocouche is a retarder solution for Weber monocouche renders to extend the scrape time.
For use at temperatures over 5°C for work in the winter.

Features and benefits

  • As a liquid component it can directly replace a proportion of the product gauging water
  • Colourless liquid – has no effect on the appearance of the finished product


    • Provides scrape time flexibility through the year:
    • Can be used during colder weather to ensure next-day scrap
    • If added at the correct dose, in warmer weather will achieve 20°C scrape times when working at 30°C
    • Add 0.11 litres of retardateur per 25 kg bag of Monocouche.
    • For a 6 bag render pump mix this equates to 0.66 litres of additive. Do not add more than 1.25 litres per 6 bag mix


    weber retardateur monocouche is supplied in 20 litre plastic containers weighing 29 kg each.

      Technical & Safety Datasheets

      Please follow link to weber retardateur technical datasheet.

      Please follow link to weber retardateur safety datasheet.