Weber Accelerateur - 20L

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Weber accelerateur monocouche may be used to reduce the time of scrape for through-coloured monocouche renders, but must always be used at temperatures over 5°C for monocouche work in the winter.

Ideal for use when hand mixing or using a diesel driven render pump (i.e. with separate mixing and pumping chambers.

Product Guide

1. Prepare

The Instruction regarding the application of monocouche renders still apply with the respect to cold weather working.

The substrate must not be frozen and material should not be applied if there is a risk of frost within 24 hours. The minimum application temperature is 5c for all monocouche renders.

Replace correct proportion of monocouche mixing water with the weber accelerator monocouche solution.

2. Mix

Weber accelerator monocouche must be added to the gauging water for the monocouche prior to adding the power to ensure full dispersion.

The correct dosage per 25 kg bag of scratch render is 0.1 litres of weber accelerator monocouche. Mix addition thoroughly into gauging water before adding powder. The total modified water mix must not exceed the allowable water content for the  product used.

When using a discontinuous mixing pump (such as a Putzmeister P11) the dosage per 6 bags mix is 0.6 litres of weber accelerator monocouche replacing the same proportion of gauging water.

When using a continuous mixer pump such as a M-tec Duomix every 10 litres of gauging water must include 0.2 litres of weber accelerator monocouche.

3. Apply

The usage of the monocouche product remains the same. Refer to the appropriate product instruction.

4. Finish

Weber accelerator monocouche solution will accelerate the initial set time such that, at 5c working temperature, the scrape time of a monocouche product will be the same as that during the months (20c).

Please note that the temperature off the mix may be different than that of there ambient temperature due to the water supply/power temperature. Due to this fact the setting period  is only an given as an indication.

5. Coverage / Yield

0.1 litres of product per 25 kg bag of monocouche.

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