Tapepro - P Series Corner Finisher - 3"

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By Tapepro

P Series Corner Finisher

The Tapepro P series corner finisher features a low friction high strength industrial plastic body. This requires fewer parts, reducing cost.

The stainless steel frames have been laser cut and machined for accuracy and feature super wear resistant cemented carbide blades and skids.

When fitted to the Tapepro Corner Box or Compound Tube, joint compound is forced through the Corner Finisher into the angle; the finisher then feathers the edges to produce a smooth joint. Can also be used as a glazer in a two step process.

  • Lower cost design utilising an industrial plastic body.
  • Two piece body with removable top piece.
  • Laser cut stainless steel frames.
  • Super wear resistant carbide blades and skids.
  • Cleaning hole in top piece.
  • Fewer parts.
  • Corner Finisher performance.