Refina STX310 Screw Spray Pump


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By Refina

The Refina STX 310 Screw Spray Pump is a single speed screw pump that will spray multi finish plasters, thin coat and external wall coatings, fireproofing and inturnescent paints. The pump will work off a standard domestic supply and 3kva transformer and is ideal for domestic plaster work and internal building refurbishment.


  • Machine weight 15kg
  • Size W x L 45 x 70cm
  • Power 1200w
  • 2" diameter stator
  • Height 75cm
  • Hopper tank 27 ltr
  • Pump output 3 ltr/min
  • Hose 19mm - length 5mm
  • Noise level 59dBA
  • Voltage 110v