White - PVCu Render Corner/Angle Beads - 2.5 mtr

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By Amaroc

PVCu Corner / Angle Beads are designed for function and speed on all external and internal rendering and plastering applications. All Renderplas corner beads give a perfect finish to through colour render as well as offering a robust edge for sand and cement.

Features and benefits

  • Application - Provides a straight edge to external corners and reveals
  • Chemical - Zero chemical reaction with water, sand and cement, acrylic render, water based paint; avoid organic solvents, chlorate bleach, strong acids and alkalis
  • Durability -  Impact resistant; dissipates shock waves; outlasts metal; cleaned or painted in same way as render
  • Economics - PVC beads are a fraction of the price of stainless steel; added value over galvanized steel as PVC beads are guaranteed not to stain or corrode and can reduce installation time. Reduction of impact damage.
  • Fire - Class 1Y. Combustible within fire source, self extinguishing upon removal of flame, will not contribute to the combustion of the system
  • Health and Safety - PVCu beads are safe to handle removing the dangers of cut metal; suitable for prisons and schools
  • Guarantees - Fit for purpose for the lifetime of the render and at least 25 years
  • Mechanics Meets equivalent British Standard for metal beads and lath BS EN 13658-2:2005
  • Pollution - Ecologically benign; non-hazardous in water; non-hazardous if ingested; does not release substances into the atmosphere
  • Strength - PVCu beads offer sufficient strength for these applications
  • Weather - Not affected by weather and should be specified in all regions of high moisture or high salt


  • Large irregularities in the substrate should be dubbed out and allowed to set hard prior to application.
  • Cut to length with tin snips or fine tooth saw.
  • Fixing with a continuous line of adhesive mortar is preferred on blockwork, or alternatively a bed of render.
  • Non-corrosive mechanical fixings can be used as well but are not required.
  • With external wall insulation, non-corrosive fixings alone are sufficient


Stocked - White, Ivory, Slate (Dark Grey), Light Grey

Non Stocked - Salmon, Sky, Terracotta, Wheat, Willow

Please note non stocked colours may take up to 15 days for delivery

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PVCu beads cover 2,5 linear meters.


PVCu Beads are supplied in 2,5mtr length boxes.

    Technical & Safety Datasheets

    Please follow link to Renderplas 6mm Corner Bead Technical datasheet.

    Please follow link to Renderplas 10mm Corner Bead Technical datasheet.

    Please follow link to Renderplas 15mm Corner Bead Technical datasheet.

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