Ivory - PVCu Render Corner/Angle Beads - 2.5 mtr

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By Amaroc

PVCu corner beads / angle beads are designed for function and speed on all external and internal rendering and plastering applications. Discreet but strong, all beads give a perfect finish to through colour render.

Stocked in white, ivory, cream, light grey & slate.  For further colours and sizes please contact Amaroc on 0333 150 2626


Designed for use on all rendered and plastered corners and reveals to produce a straight edge and provide protection against impact. Can also be used for internal plastering applications.

Storage, cutting and fixing
PVCu beading is fast and easy to cut to length with tin snips or a fine toothed hacksaw and is safer to handle than cut metal. Fixing is no different from steel beads and standard industry practice can be followed. Please see the installation guide for details. Store vertically away from heat and direct sun, or flat if supported along the entire length.