ProForm Lite-Blue Joint Compound - 17L Bucket

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ProForm® BRAND Lite Joint Compound is a vinyl based ready mix lightweight jointing compound. Approximately 30% lighter than conventional ready mix, Lite Joint Compound pulls and sands easier and reduces shrinkage by up to 33%. 

  • Lightweight. Approximately 30% lighter than conventional ProForm Joint Compound.
  • Reduced shrinkage. Up to 33% less shrinkage than conventional joint compound.
  • Superior finish. Provides a finish with less pocking and pin holing.
  • Easier pull. Spreads easier for quick application.
  • Finishes metal beads with two coats.
  • Excellent sanding characteristics.
  • Ready to use right from container.
  • Low VOC content - less than 2 grams/liter.

Also available in 13.2L ready mix refill boxes