ProForm Ultra Lite All Purpose 17L Buckets


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ProForm® BRAND Ultra Lite All Purpose Joint Compound is a new innovative product that combines excellent bond with superb sanding characteristics. Ultra Lite is a vinyl base ready mix joint compound and outperforms its competition with excellent working qualities and great open time. Ultra Lite is approximately 40% lighter than other conventional all purpose ready mix products and is ideal for all phases of finishing.

Basic Uses

ProForm Ultra Lite All Purpose is designed for all phases of finishing, including taping, topping, filling, patching, skimming and laminating. Ultra Lite is designed to be used for both hand and taping tools.


  • Up to 40% lighter than conventional-weight joint compound.
  • Excellent for all phases of finishing.
  • Applies and sands with ease.
  • Excellent open time.
  • Superior bond with ProForm® BRAND paper joint tape.
  • Can be used in all taping tools.
  • Eliminates the need for more than one type of compound on the job.