Nylon Frame Hammer Anchor

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The Nylon  Frame Hammer Anchor are light duty anchors which can be used in concrete, aerated concrete, solid stone, solid block and solid brick. They have anti-rotation barbs to prevent the anchor from turning in the hole. The nylon sleeve reduces cold bridging (compared to metal fixings) and assists shear capacity and the countersunk sleeve and screw allow a flush finish


  • Nylon Frame Hammer Anchor (565490), Anchor: 8mm, Length: 80mm, Drill: 8mm, Max fixture thickness: 35mm, Min Hole Depth: 50mm, Pozidrive Size: No 3, Quantity: 50.
  • Nylon Frame Hammer Anchor (565496), Anchor: 10mm, Length: 100mm, Drill: 10mm, Max fixture thickness: 50mm, Min Hole Depth: 55mm, Pozidrive Size: No 3, Quantity: 25.
Technical Specification:
Tightening the screw causes the sleeve to expand. When point of contact is made in the hole the screw is drawn in towards the fixing until flush with the fixture surface
Sleeve: polyamide 6 is resistant to weathering, ageing and rotting. Withstands temperatures from -20C to +60C.  It has good electrical insulation properties. It has high tensile and compressive strength and is largely resistant to chemical attack.
Screw: 5.8 grade zinc coated.
Drill a hole of the correct diameter through the fixture to the minimum drilling depth given in the technical data table, blow out dust. If the fixture thickness is less than the maximum given in the table below, the hole depth has to be increased accordingly. Position the anchor in the hole through the fixture using light hammer blows until the collar of the anchor makes contact with the part to be fixed. Tighten using a pozidrive N3 screwdriver until the head of the screw is flush with the collar of the anchor.
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