Northstar Multi-One (Flat Box 12"-14.5") High-Top


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The NorthStar 12" - 14" High Top Multi-box flat box provides the added flexibility of being able to turn your 12" flat box into a 14" flat box.

Each Multi-One comes with both the 12" and 14" blade housings. The housings are held in place by stainless steel latches and can be easily swapped out.

They also have all of the features of the normal High-Top boxes:

  • 30% higher capacity allows you to stay on the wall longer with fewer trips to the pump.

  • Exclusive axle pivot door allowing the door to be opened farther for easy clean-up

  • May be operated without springs if you choose

  • Hard anodized surface coat on side plates for extended life;

  • New easy clean door tabs Adjustable crown dial ensures precise amount of mud application;

  • High quality CNC machining;

  • Manufactured from precision extrusions;

  • Factory arched troweling bars (ready to go out of the box)

* The 12" blade for the multibox is a little bit larger than standard 12" box blades.

Also compatible with:

✓ TapeTech®

✓ Drywall Master

✓ Columbia

✓ TapePro