Northstar High-Top Pump


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Key Features of the NorthStar High-Top™ Drywall Tool Loading Pump:

  • Ergonomically designed to fill boxes and automatic tapers without bending over, reducing wear and tear on your lower back
  • Low centre of gravity makes this the most lightweight and stable tall pump available
  • Standard pump barrel means it won't take 1/3 of a bucket of joint compound to prime the pump, also making it easier to clean. 

Also includes these standard NorthStar pump features:

  • Now US sized to be comaptible with all goosenecks
  • New updated polyurethane piston seal for improved suction
  • Removable foot valve for easy cleaning and screen replacement.
  • Quick release removable barrel for easy cleaning
  • Barrel is a one piece CNC machined (barrel and collar)
  • New Billet aluminum leg (anodized and laser marked) with stainless steel chain holder
  • Constructed from stainless steel and high quality alloy components for a longer life
  • Filter screen at base to prevent contamination of compound.
Also compatible with: 
 Drywall Master