Northstar High-Top™ Flat Box


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The New NorthStar FaStar Clean Series:

  • Exclusive axle pivot door allowing the door to be opened farther for easy clean-up!
  • May be operated without springs if you choose!

All New NorthStar Flat Boxes have:

  • Hard anodized side plates for longer wear life and resistance against corrosion.
  • New polyurethane door wipers are extra smooth, and can withstand solvent based lubricants.
  • New easy clean door tabs.
  • Factory arced troweling bars. (ready to go out of the box)
  • Adjustable crown dial ensures precise amount of mud application.
  • 5 year factory warranty.

The key wear components (blades, skids, clips, springs, blade housings, and seals) of the FAStar™ Finisher Flat Boxes are interchangeable with most other brands to provide easy access to wear parts when required.