Northstar Automatic Taper - Carbon Hybrid


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The NorthStar Hybrid™ Carbon Fiber Elite Taper features:

  • A high quality polished carbon fiber taper tube for premium finish and durability
  • The taper head detaches without having to remove any screws for  a quick and easy clean up
  • The taper head can also be quickly taken off and installed on a Northstar Hybrid Mini Tube Assembly
  • Very light weight at 5 lbs 12 oz

The NorthStar carbon fiber taper is also part of NorthStar Elite™ series, so it has the following Elite features:

  • New split cover cap allows for easy cleaning and access to cable for quick replacement;
  • Quick release tape spool keeper for quick and easy change of tape rolls;
  • Isolated creaser bracket for smoother creaser action, reducing drag;
  • Hard black anodized head and drive wheel;

Standard features:

  • Precision one piece drive wheel with split wheel plates for a smoother roll, allowing you to change wheel plates without removing the wheel drum.
  • Adjustable paw roller ("clicker") lets you run the tension you prefer and adjust for wear;
  • Adjustable cutter spring system allows for tension adjustment and easy blade change adjustment;
  • Open cutter spring system provides strength and allows for easy cleaning and lubrication;
  • Side plates and creaser arms are constructed out of stainless steel for strength;
  • Creaser chain and cutter chain are a leaf*style stainless steel chain;
  • Critical parts: taper head, cover cap, tape runners, drive wheel, and cable drum are precision machined from billet aluminum (6061*T6) for superior strength, AND hard black anodized for added durability and corrosion resistance;