NELA MediFLEX Trowel


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By Nela

  • Medium Flexi Trowel

    NELA MediFLEX Trowel has a 0.4mm thick blade that is 4.9 inches wide - created for plasterers who require a medium flexible blade to be used in the different stages of working plaster.

    NELA MediFLEX blade specification

  • Blade sizes available: 11" / 14" / 16" / 18"
  • Blade thickness: 0.4mm
  • All-round finely burred blade
    The precision made MediFLEX plastering trowel has all the same professional quality features that you have come to know and love from NELA, these include:
  • Hardened spring steel
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Double blade design
  • Durable bonding tape (solvent & temperature resistant)
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy mounting
  • Strong stainless fixing bolts
  • M8 nut secured BiKo cork handles
  • Precision engineered in Germany