NELA Black Edition Finishing Trowel 14 x 4.72"


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By Nela

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  • Introducing NELA® Black Edition - an exclusive range of tools, developed by NELA®

  • NELA Black Edition Finishing Trowel 16  x 4.72"

  • Nela's finishing trowel is a new and dynamic tool developed to be extra light and super flexible.

  • A unique design including an ergonomic black cork handle with a stainless steel blade that provides ease to the overall plastering process.

  • Rounded edges and versatile double-blade technology is perfect for burr-free fillings.

  • BiKoGRIP in CORK. A Ergonomic handle designed perfectly for comfort and performance.

  • Ultra-lightweight aluminium mounting made from a robust special alloy: for ultra-high stability and easy handling.

  • Attached with special bolts made from a high-quality stainless material.

  • The blades are bonded together by a high-strength tape that withstands both solvents and extreme temperatures.