MR8 Impellor Paddle - 150G (081502G)

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By Refina

MR8 150G Impellor Paddles, for use with higher speed drills. Threaded EPI mixer paddles fit directly into the front end M14 thread of the mixer drill.

The paddles are of proven design to give efficient mix action; they are produced to ensure a perfectly balanced shape that eliminates paddle wobble MR8 paddles are the most popular design for a wide range of bagged materials, plaster, cements, resins, coatings, wet and pourable mixes. The mix action is thorough and consistent; the paddle floats in the mix making handling easy.

  • Mix 30 - 100 ltr
  • Diameter 6" (150mm)
  • Length 24" (600mm))
  • Drill Size 700W