MR4 Screw Paddle - 140G (041402G)


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By Refina

MR4 140G Screw Spiral Paddle for dry and stiff mixes, mortars, renders and epoxies

• hex shaft paddles for drills with chuck • large range of shapes & sizes • long life and durable mixer paddles • for plaster, mortars, paints & resins • made in Germany guaranteed quality EPI mixer paddles with hex shaft are for use with drills fitted with a drill chuck Use with slow to medium speed drills with speeds under 1000rpm The larger the paddle, the slower speed at which the drill should be run The advantage of using a drill with a chuck for mixing is that a variety of paddles can be quickly fitted Many smaller paddles are only available with a hex shaft.

  • Drill Size 450W
  • Paddle 140mm
  • Length 500mm
  • Mix 5 - 15ltr