LS2 Flex Window Profile 2D - 2.6 mtr

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By Likov

LS2 Flex Window Profile 2D comes with a protective lamella and fibre glass reinforcement mesh for flexible junction in 2 directions between window or door frame and plaster in the contact insulation system


  • PVC - UV stable and alkali-proof, fibre glass reinforcement mesh


  • 2.6mtrs

Features & Benefits

  • Creates flexible junction in 2 directions between the contact insulation system and window or door frame
  • Prevents the final coating from flaking off the window or door frame
  • Protects window or door frames and panels against mechanical damage or getting dirty during the application of building adhesive or rendering
  • Prevents hairline cracking
  • Prevents penetration of cold and noise
  • No additional sealing of joints is required
  • Suitable for narrower window or door frames
  • Protective lamella made of softened PVC protects the profile against weather effects and dirt deposition
  • Creates an aesthetically perfect finish