K Rend Silicone Spray Dash Receiver - 25kg

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By K Rend

K Rend Dash receivers are used over K Rend Base coats. They are polymer modified and through-coloured. These products are designed to have excellent workability and open time properties when used as backgrounds for 4-12mm dry dash or roughcast finishes. The applied thickness is normally determined by the size of the aggregate. Apply a uniform butter coat and throw the aggregate onto the surface while the renders still green.

Specifically designed for the refurbishment. Overcoating Silicone Dash is a light and easy to use and gives excellent coverage over existing Dry Dash finishes. Surfaces to be over coated should be free from contamination (algae, oil and paint) and may require priming with R7 liquid acrylic prior to application.


8-10kg / sq m approx

nominal 8-10mm thickness


K Rend Silicone Spray Dash Receiver is a Non stocked render and has a lead time between 10 - 20 working days.  Split deliveries may be available upon request.