K Rend Colour Fill - 310ml

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By K Rend

K Rend Colour Fill - 310ml - White is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

K Rend Colour Fill is a flexible ready to use masonry filler, suitable for repair work such as small crack and holes. Minor damages like these if left are not only unsightly but can leave the walls vulnerable to further damage. Colour fill is an ideal solution as it offers permanent protection protection and a tidy finish.


  • Surface should be clean, dry, sound and cohesive.
  • For fine cracks, it is recommended that the width to around 5-6mm. This is best achieved using an electric multi-cutter with blade attachment.
  • This will ensure that when K Rend Colour Fill is applied, the material will have greater integrity to the walls of the crack and therefore prevent the likelihood of reopening.


  • Cut nozzle to required size. (Depends on size of crack)
  • Remove the tip screw and end cap from the cartridge and fit the nozzle. Apply filler using a standard applicator gun. Ensure that the filler is left proud of the crack.
  • Remove excess material using a clean cloth or sponge whilst creating a textured finish on the surface.
  • Build filler up in layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Colour Fill can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 8 mm per coat.
  • After addition of final layer, allow the filler to fully cure for about 12-24 hours. (Depending on thickness and weather)
  • The cartridge can be made air tight by replacing both the end cap and tip screw.


  • For optimum blending of repaired area, K Rend Colour Enhance can be applied once the filler is fully cured.


  • K Rend Colour Fill comes in a range of colour.
  • Colour of filler can be co-ordinated with any of K Rend’s 20 standard silicone scraped textured products.
  • It is advised that colour matches may not be exact and applying colour enhance may be required.

    We've made every effort to make the colours on screen as close as possible to the ones you'll use. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Photographs and paint swatch colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.

    The site is designed to help you get a better idea of your colour scheme ideas but you should always test render before you commit to a large purchase.


    • Coverage is approx. 20 lm when render system is installed at correct depths.  Coverage will vary depending on the width & depth of the crack.


    • 310 cc cartridges. Each accompanied with a nozzle (4” long, 1/16” ID), an end cap and a tip screw.

      Technical & Safety Datasheets

      Please follow link to K Rend Fill Technical Datasheet.

      Please follow link to K Rend Application Instruction Guide

      Please follow link to K Rend Fill Safety Datasheet.