Jub XNG Silicone TC - 1.5mm


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By Jub

Jub XNG Silicone TC - 1.5mm is a thin-coat render made on the basis of polymeric binders, with selected ratios between fine and course filling materials and a combination of modern thickeners, moisteners and siloxane additives. It has a typical evenly grained surface. This render provides decorative protection to facade wall surfaces of all types of buildings including multi-storey buildings with small projecting roofs. Due to relatively high water-vapour permeability, which is typical for acrylic renders, it may also be applied as the final render in contact facade thermal insulating systems based on mineral wool.

Products features

  • The render is distinguished by easy application and low toughness due to the selected ratio between fine and rough sand fillings
  • Longer treatment time
  • High water repellency and strength
  • High resistance to atmospheric loads
  • Relatively high water vapour permeability
  • Suitable as render finish on contact facade thermal insulation systems made on mineral wool
  • Long-term resistance to infection with wall algae and mould


We advertise a selection of colours on-line but can arrange samples from the entire Jub Favourite Feelings colour range.  Please call our offices for further information


We strongly recommend you obtain a colour sample prior to ordering Jub top coat.  The digital images are an indication only and may vary from the printed visual.  Amaroc take no responsibility if you are not happy with the colour received.

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