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By Jub
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Jub Unigrund Primer is water based acrylic slurry prime coat with a low odour formulation free of ecologically harmful and health hazardous ingredients. It is suitable as a coarse undercoat in the JUB EWI systems and on smooth, flat surfaces such as concrete, fibre cement and gypsum cardboard, old coats of dispersion paints prior to application of decorative renders of all types (mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone).

  • It can be applied to different mineral surfaces; lime-cement and gypsum render, base coats of thermal insulation systems, concrete, gypsum, concrete and fibre-cement boards, as well as to well-adhered coats of dispersion paints.
  • Unsuitable for: lime renders and surfaces painted with water-soluble, oil, and varnish coats.


  • Apply with a brush, a painting roller, or it can be sprayed.
  • Dilute with water up to 5%.
  • It is usually applied in one coat.
  • Tool Cleaning: thoroughly clean the tool with water immediately after use.

Technical Data

  • Consumption: depends on abortion of the surface, 120 - 200g/m2 suffices for one application.
  • Density: approximately 1.20kg/l.
  • Dry to recoat prior to application of renders: min. 12hours.
  • Protection against rain: approximately 24 hours.