Jub Nanoxilcolor - Self-cleaning effect micro-reinforced façade paint - 16ltr

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By Jub
SKU: AMA102727

Jub Nanoxilcolor is a micro-reinforced façade paint with a self-cleaning effect and based on water dispersion of silicone binders. It is used for decorative protection of all solid reliefly processed or rough and smoothed or fine rough facade surfaces. It is used for maintenance painting of facade surfaces infected with wall algae and mould (disinfect the surface prior to painting). It is used to maintain buildings made with the NANOXIL render finish.

Product features

  • Self-cleaning effect;
  • Micro-reinforced;
  • Exceptional water-repellency of the surface;
  • Excellent water vapour permeability;
  • Good coverage;
  • Good resistance to infection with wall algae and mould;
  • High resistance to eff ects of different atmospheric factors (ultraviolet rays,
  • smoke, and percipitation);
  • Bad adhesion of dust and other filth onto the surface.