JUB Jukol Primer - 5kg


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By Jub

JUB Jukol Primer is a special deep, water-based mixture of micro emulsion and acrylates. It is to be used on absorbent construction surfaces before they are painted with dispersion paints, Smoothed with leveling compounds and prior to application of thin-coat decorative render finishes.

  • Penetrates deep in the surface
  • It improves water-repellence of the surface and equalises it
  • It binds dusty particles which cannot be removed by cleaning
  • it enables better adhesion
  • it consolidates the surface

Technical Data

  • Consumption 90-100ml/m2 depending on absorption and roughness of the surface
  • Density:approximately 1.00kilo/l
  • Protection against rain approximately 24 hours

Lead time

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