Jub Akrinol Supergrip Primer


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By Jub

Jub Akrinol Supergrip is a medium rough coating primer based on styrene-acrylate binders and silicate fillers, of blue colour.  It serves primarily as a bridge, very smooth concrete surfaces, OSB, gypsum-cardboards, medium-density fibreboards (MDF), and old, well-adhered coatings prior to fixing different linings and prior to application of renders.

Technical Data: 

  • Main ingredients: styrene-acrylate binder, silicate fillers, thickening agents, cellulose fibres, additives, water
  • Consumption: Approx 100-150g/m2 - depending on the type of surface
  • Density (kg/dm3) : 1.0 - 1.1
  • Drying times (20 degrees / rel. air humity = 65% :
    • Touch Dry - 2 Hours
    • Suitable for further treatment - 4 Hours
    • Achieved resistance to washing out with precipitation - 24 Hours


2kg or 18kg Tubs

Preparation of Surface

The surface to which AKRINOL Super Grip is applied should be clean, dry and free from grease. Concrete surfaces must be at least 28 days old (max. 3 % humidity). Old, badly-adhered and water soluble coats, slurries and other decorative layers should be completely removed from the surface.

Instructions for application

Prior to application, stir the product. It should be applied undiluted. Quantities necessary to paint individual surfaces are calculated or estimated on the basis of the size of these surfaces and data on average consumption. In specific cases consumption is determined by making measurements on a test surface that is large enough.

The product is applied by using a roller or paint brush suitable for application of dispersion paints.Paint an individual wall surface without interruptions from one corner of the wall to the other.

The time interval between the application of primer and further processing should be 4 – 24 hours. In conditions of high temperatures and low air humidity, further processing is possible also earlier than in 4 hours.