JUB Acrylcolor (New Generation) Paint - Tinted Pale Colours


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By Jub

Description and field of application:

  • ACRYLcolor is an environmental friendly paint based on water dispersion of polymeric binders
  • The paint is suitable for painting of solid, fine plastered or fine smooth facade surfaces and is in practice, most frequently used to paint residential houses as well as larger building.


  • Strongly water- repellent;
  • Offers high coverage;
  • Resistant to all weather conditions;
  • Easy to apply.


  • Suitable for: mainly for already carbonised traditional lime - cement render finishes which are more than a year old.
  • Application to well adhered old facade coats is also possible.
  • Surface should be solid, dry, and clean - without an badly-adhered particles, dust, remains of panelling oils, fat, or other filth.
  • Unsuitable for: new lime and lime-cement render finishes and surfaces painted with chalk-based paints.
  • Air and surface temperature from +5c +35c

Preparation / Application

  • Cover a cleaned surface with a suitable primer prior to painting it.
  • Apply with a roller, a brush, or spray it.
  • If necessary, dilute with water (up to 10%).
  • Tool cleaning: clean the tools with water immediately after use.

Technical data

  • Consumption: 180 - 210 ml/sq m for two-coat application.
  • Adhesion to standard lime-cement render finish.


5ltr & 15ltr tubs


We advertise a selection of colours on-line but can arrange samples from the entire Jub Favourite Feelings colour range plus NCS & RAL colours.  Please call our offices for further information


We strongly recommend you obtain a colour sample prior to ordering Jub paint.  The digital images are an indication only and may vary from the printed visual.  Amaroc take no responsibility if you are not happy with the colour received.

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