Intonaco Macroporoso 717 - 3,5 Natural Hydraulic Lime - Biological Base Coat

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Intonaco Macroporoso 717 - 3,5 Natural Hydraulic Lime is used as a base coat plaster for the restoration of damp masonry that should be applied with a recommended thickness of min. 3 - 4 cm.  Can be hand or machine applied.

Sulphate-Resistant Natural Hydraulic Lime used as a base coat.

Finish with Finitura 750 or Finitura Idrofugata 756


30 kg Bag @ 10mm thick covers approx. 2.5m2

Approx. 11.5kg/m2 for 10mm thickness


  • Specifically for historic preservation
  • Plasters for renovating damp masonry
  • Plasters for salt-laden masonry

Benefits & Features

  • Dehumidifying and breathable
  • Sulphate-resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Application by hand or with machine


The surfaces being plastered must be intact, clean and free from salt efflorescence.  Any existing old plaster must be totally removed to at least one metre above the level where the damp is visible.  Wash with clean water & brush off several times.  Any excessive protrusions must be removed, making sure the surface is level.  Any parts that are loose or coming loose must be removed and repaired.

Treat surface beforehand with undercoat of RINZAFFO 720

The minimum application thickness is 2 cm