Refina Sponge Floats for Plastering

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£10.80 (incl. VAT)

SKU: AMA100637

The Orange Sponge Floats are the trade standard for sponging up plaster surfaces before final trowelling. Sponge floats are often used in conjunction with a water brush to dampen the surface or a large stainless steel spatula to smooth and level the surface.


  • Sponge Float Fine Orange 11" -  280x140mm
  • Sponge Float Medium Coarse Orange 12" -  300x120mm
  • Sponge Float Coarse Orange 10" - 280x140mm
  • Sponge Float Long Narrow Medium Orange 16" -  400x100mm
  • Sponge Float Wide Medium Orange 17" - 420x260mm
  • Sponge Float Long Medium Orange 18" - 455x160mm