Fassa PX505 Acrylic Paint - 14 ltr

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PX 505 is an acrylic paint made from acrylic copolymers and special polysiloxanes in aqueous emulsion, graded aggregate, titanium dioxide, pigments and specific additives to give the product higher broad-spectrum protection against the growth of algae and mould species.

Features and benefits

  • Water repellent properties, providing good protection to walls
  • Breathable
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Through-coloured
  • UV stable
  • Broad spectrum protection against growth of algae and mould species


PX 505 is used as a decorative and protective paint for exteriors, white or coloured, on both new and existing float-finished lime-cement finish coat renders, concrete, etc. It can also be applied on existing painted surfaces and coatings, as long as these are well attached, sound and not crumbling.


The product can be applied by brush or wool roller (preferably short-napped). Apply two layers (in opposite directions), at least 6 hours apart. Dilution by weight with water (referred to the white product): for application by brush, first layer up to 30% and second layer up to 20%.


Tints: We have chosen a selection of colours from the FASSA 365 A YEAR OF COLORS swatch book.  Please note the colours are an indication only and we are not liable for any differences between the colour shown and the actual colour.  Please obtain a sample from us before applying the colour to the wall. Please note that once we tint the paint to desired colour, we are unable to accept any returns of this product.


1 x 14 ltr tub covers approx. 56-70 m2

Formula - 4-5 m²/l for finished work (2 layers)

    Please Note: These estimates take no account of wastage and will vary according to the type of surface involved and method of application.


    PX505 is supplied in 14 ltr tubs

      Technical & Safety Datasheets

      Please follow link to Fassa Bortolo PX505 Technical datasheet.

      Please follow link to Fassa Bortolo PX505 Safety datasheet.