Fassa Finitura 750 - 3,5 Natural Hydraulic Lime - Finish Coat

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Fassa Finitura 750 - 3,5 Natural Hydraulic Lime - Finish Coat is a bio, sulphur resistant NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime, specifically formulated for the renovation of damp masonry, or in any case where high breath-ability is required.  Aggregate grading < 0.6 mm


25 kg Bag = Approx. 2kg per m2


  • Specifically for historic preservation
  • Masonry subject to rising damp
  • Adhesion primer on all masonry substrates
  • Undercoat for renovating damp masonry
  • Undercoat for salt-laden masonry

Benefits & Features

  • Dehumidifying, Salt-absorbing
  • Sulphate-resistant
  • Application by hand and machine


The Finitura 750 coating should be applied on NHL base coat plaster (INTONACO 700 or INTONACO MACROPOROSO 717 - specifically for the restoration of damp masonry)

The bio finish coat plaster should be applied by hand, using a metal trowel, distributing a uniform layer of material, while the plaster is finished using a plastic trowel or, alternatively, using a sponge float.