Fassa Top Coat and Paint Colour Swatch for RX561 / PX505 / SKIN 432

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365 colors like the days in a year. Colours for every season, colors... that are timeless.

“365 a year of colors” is in fact the result of research conducted by expert color designers who Fassa Bortolo commissioned to create a collection that would start from typical colourings inspired by tradition - renovation, restoration and historical recovery - and then be extended to include colors that are also ideal for use in modern architecture.

The range, divided into 7 sections based on different colour trends, also provides designers with the opportunity of working in absolute safety and with maximum freedom of expression: - to make direct comparisons between tones and strengths of colour that belong to the same section; - to better assess the effect of decorations obtained with the “tone-on-tone” technique; - to create polychromatic harmonies with colours coming from different sections.

AIR Light, pale pastel shades

INDUSTRIAL Cold shades with enhanced tones of grey

SABLE Bright sun-like colours with variable intensity

EPOQUE Warm shades characterised by the tones of orange and red

LIBERTY Purple hues with a hint of amethyst, mauve and special shades as ash grey

BRITISH Tints in various shades of green

TUSCANY Shades from beige to brown

Please follow this link to Fassa Bortolo range of colours

For the choice of the tints, please refer to the 365 swatch book; we advise you check the shade directly through a product sample.