EWI Aluminium Base Track - Various Sizes - 2.5 mtr

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By Likov

Aluminium Base Track are for Thermal Insulation Systems, designed for various thickness of insulation boards.

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  • Length: 2.5m
  • Material: Natural aluminium, alloyed
    Base Track Width (mm)

     Insulation Size (mm)

    33mm 30mm
    43mm 40mm
    53mm 50mm
    63mm 60mm
    73mm 70mm
    83mm 80mm
    93mm 90mm
    103mm 100mm
    113mm 110mm
    123mm 120mm
    133mm 130mm

      Application - advantages:
      • horizontal set-up of insulation material
      • perfect structural and visual finish and closure of the system
      • system protection against mechanical damage
      • rainwater draining off the system, prevention of any capillary rise under insulation material