Ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash - 25 ltr

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By Ecorend

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Ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash is a water based masonry wash containing carefully selected biocides effective against a broad range of bacterial, algal, fungal and mould species. It is used as a masonry cleaner and steriliser to kill green, black and other organic growths on walls and other masonry.

Suitable Substrate

Concrete, Brick, Stone and Renders


Approx. 3m2 per litre


Apply Ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash directly onto the surface using a pressurised knapsack/ garden sprayer, brush or roller. Ensure the surface is drenched in the wash and has been absorbed into the capillaries of the substrate. Ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash must be left for a minimum of 48 hours to take effect and kill the growing moss and unseen spores. Dead growth should be removed by brushing with a steel brush or a suitable power washer.


Water Based, Bio Stop, Fast Acting,  Roller / Brush or Spray Applied, Ready to use, Long Term Protection & Low Maintenance

Technical Data

5˚C - 25˚C