Ecorend SR15 Silicone Thin Coat Render - 25kg

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By Ecorend

Ecorend SR15 Silicone Thin Coat Render, is a ready to use, through coloured, flexible thin coat render. Developed using high performance silicone technology ensures that the finish is highly water repellent, highly vapour permeable and extremely flexible, giving the very best resistance to cracking. This product can be applied by hand or spray and must be used as the topcoat in the SR15 system (see our literature for further system details)

Suitable Substrate

Ecorend Base Coat / Sponge Float Finished

Substrate Primer



Approx. 8-10m2 per 25kg


To maintain colour consistency, panels should be completed in sequence around the building, and where possible, in the same batch numbers. To avoid dampness and discolouration rendering should be avoided below DPC, or within 150mm of ground level. To apply the material, use a stainless steel trowel, or suitable spray equipment depending on the grain size. Use the size of the aggregate to gauge the thickness of the render when applying to the substrate ie: Ecorend SR15 = thickness 1.5mm. Once the render is applied finish with a plastic float working the material in small circular motions, this will create a natural random surface.


Silicone Water Repellent, Highly Flexible, Anti Crack, Trowel or Spray Application, Ready to Use, Plastic Float Finish

Technical Data

Application Temperature - 5˚C - 25˚C for a minimum of 24 hours

Humidity Requirement - Less than 85% for a minimum of 24 hours

Dilution Rate - Max 2%

Finishing Tool - Plastic Float