Ecorend S10 - Bonding Primer

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By Ecorend

Ecorend S10 - Bonding Primer - 5 ltr is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer is a silicone resin based primer, specifically designed for use on masonry substrates. The fine particle size polymers within the product ensure deep penetration into the substrate, creating ultra high adhesion, whilst the silicone resin ensures that the primer matches the breathability of its subsequent topcoats.

Suitable Substrate

Concrete, Clay, Lightweight Block and Brick


Approx. 5m2 per litre


Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer is applied neat as instructed above with a roller, brush or spray.


Highly Vapour Permeable, High Adhesion, Silicone Technology, Water Based,  Roller / Brush or Spray Applied, Ready to use

Technical Data

Apply Neat

3 ̊C - 25 ̊C for a minimum of 24 hours