DalaPro Readymix Joint cement HandFiller 3in1 15L

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Description of Dalapro Hand Filler 3 in 1 Ready-to-Use Finishing Filler 15L

Dalapro Handfiller 3 in 1 is a white hand filler for finishing various applications in the home. The filler can be used as a hand, roller and spray filler. The filler is very suitable for filling and finishing joints on drywall. In addition, the filler is also used for leveling and finishing various surfaces. These substrates include plaster, cementations, decorative plasters, glass fabrics, concrete, wall and ceiling paints and sand-lime bricks.

Dalapro Hand Filler 3 in 1: Storage

The filler must be protected from frost and direct sunlight. It is therefore advisable to store the filler in a dry and dark place. See the packaging for the shelf life of the filler. Generally, the filler has a shelf life of 12 months when unopened.

Dalapro Hand Filler 3 in 1: Instructions

As a hand filler: Stir the filler well, this will make it easier to work with. If you want to make it even easier, it is possible to add a little water.

As a roll filler: first dilute the mixture with 1 to 2% water. After that, it's ready to use.

As a spray filler: before using it as a spray filler, you must mix the mixture beforehand. Adding extra water is not necessary.

Dalapro Hand Filler 3 in 1: all the benefits

  • Suitable for grouting, leveling and finishing
  • Can also be rolled or sprayed
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Smooth to process
  • High filling power
  • Sandable end result