CuttingStation - SS7


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CuttingStation - SS7
  • A go-anywhere, multi-purpose cutting station with unrivalled safety features to minimise vibration, sparks, noise and dust.
  • The Armorgard CuttingStation™ is a unique purpose-built work station for cutting lengths, such as conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe. 
  • Integral health and safety features include rubber matting, fire-rated, noise-cancelling foam and PVC screens to contain sparks.
  • Extraction and air filtration units can easily be fitted and a roomy, lockable cupboard provides secure storage.
  • A new expandable working area to accommodate mitre saws and cutaway sides for easier handling of longer lengths.
  • Improved support arms are now quicker and easier to change between four different configurations, ad rubberised wheels to further reduce vibration.