Northstar MAStar™ Angle Head

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The NorthStar MAStar™ Angle head will apply compound and glaze internals walls in one pass.

The NorthStar 2.5 inch (60mm) / 3.5 inch (90mm) angle head is designed for dual purpose for taping and finishing drywall corners. The frames are CNC machined out of 5/16" stainless steel with the body is precision machined out of billet aluminum.  The locking mechanism that holds the angle head to the corner box or handle will not release accidentally.  The blades are made from carbide steel and will last a very long time.   

Features & benefits

  • Replaceable blades extend the lifespan for this tool
  • Easy to clean & time saving
  • Unique secure ball lock mechanism for full rotation of head and locking onto corner box
  • Neat consistent internals every time
  • Tension adjustment on 2.5" and 3.5’ angle head, allowing better results when using different mud types
  • The patented locking mechanism locks the handle or corner box and will not release accidentally
  • 5/16” stainless steel frames CNC machined for strength, precision and durability
  • Center clip has a strong hold on the frame to hold alignment
  • The body is precision machined from billet aluminum (6061T6)
  • NorthStar™ Angle Head blades are jig set and then fine tuned by hand on an inspection quality granite surface plate to ensures consistent perfection every time
  • Dual purpose tool for application of compound and finish/glazing
  • One pass finishes both sides of the corner joint
  • Quick release ball holder aids in speed and ease of changing angle heads
  • High quality carbide blades create the ideal feather
  • 5 years Manufacturer’s Warranty


Used for second or top coat on internal corners. The angle head is used with the corner box to apply joint compound in corners. They are also used to wipe down and feather both sides of corners in one pass.