Blue Dolphin Rough Surface Exterior Tape Cloth-tape Orange 48mm X 50m


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Exterior Rough Surface Masking Tape (Orange) is a 7 day UV resistant, thin, highly flexible plastic cloth backed tape for exterior use on rough surfaces. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 61. It's ideal for masking off rough masonry surfaces like bricks, concrete, cement, and render etc due to it's higher strength adhesive. It's bright orange fibre reinforced plastic cloth backing is weather resistant, so you can remove with ease, even when wet - unlike paper based tapes. It removes cleanly from masonry, concrete, brick, timber and metal exterior surfaces for up to 7 days. Still tears easily by hand.

  • 7-day release
  • Clean removal
  • Easy tear by hand
  • 7 day UV resistant
  • thin and highly flexible
  • Waterproof plastic backed
  • ideal for rough exterior surfaces