Bennu X-15 Spray Gun


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The Bennu X-15 Spray Gun is a handheld texture coating gun, primarily for use with 1.5mm top coat renders. 

  • The sprayer is a self-contained unit where the loading, conveying and spraying take place to make the unit more mobile
  • The sprayer is versatile and can be powered by either battery or corded drill, both need to be variable speed and have a reverse setting.(Drill not supplied)
  • For spraying, an air compressor fitted with a regulator is required. (Compressor not supplied)

Spray Machine from Amaroc on Vimeo.


Sprayer output - Up to 4Ltr per minute

Hopper Capacity - 5Ltr

Minimum Compressor Spec - 8cfm with a 50l tank. An air regulator and PCL Quick Air Coupler is also required.

Recommended Drill Speed - 1300rpm - 1900rpm with variable speed and reverse setting