LTD 6mm Window Drip Bead for External Wall Insulation - 2.5 mtr

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By Likov

Likov LTD PVC 6mm Window Drip Bead is designed for plaster finishing and water drain-off at the top jambs of building openings in an external wall insulation system.  The window profile has glass fibre reinforcement mesh for durability and is not exposed to the visual eye (hidden under plaster of render)

The profile is also designated as a balcony profile. It can be used also for the protection of corners and water drain-off from balconies or terraces. At the same time it can replace the drip ledge of the LO base profile on the bottom edge of the system (for low-energy or passive buildings).


  • 2.5mtrs


  • Alkali-proof PVC, fibre glass reinforcement mesh ETAG 004

Application advantages:

  • reinforcement of window or door corners, edges and jambs
  • provides water drain-off from the system. eliminates capillary rise along the top jamb, and also defrosting of plaster in winter
  • unexposed drip edge, under-plaster profile
  • special design of the profile enables accurate application of the base coat / building adhesive as well as the final coat in the desired thickness
  • the back support of the drip ledge makes both the ledge and the whole profile stronger creating an ideally straight edge
  • reinforcement of corners and water drain-off from balconies or terraces
  • protection of corners against mechanical damage
  • Prevents hairline cracking