Alkali resistant reinforcing mesh is now an integral part of modern render systems.

Mesh should always be used when rendering to reinforce and strengthen against cracking. The strength and flexibility of modern fibreglass mesh works together with the latest flexible, breathable renders giving long term protection against cracking caused by movement. 

Our ETAG Approved mesh is high quality pressed mesh that doesn't fall apart. Perfect for any scratch render job or EWI / Thin Coat Systems* On all our ETAG approved mesh we have Bulk Discounts Available, visit the product to see volume prices.

*If a system guarantee is required please use the system specified mesh. See below or call us for advice.

ETAG Approved Mesh


"Not all mesh is the same quality and using a substandard mesh is equivalent to using no mesh"

Look for two key properties, ensure your mesh has a pressed weave. Mesh that doesn’t have a pressed weave can become unstable and does not perform as well as a mesh that has been pressed, as the mesh can be pulled apart.

Ensure your mesh is alkaline resistant. Mesh without an alkaline resistant coating can break down in the render over time, leaving the render as if mesh was never installed.

Amaroc stock K Rend, Weber, Jub & Fassa approved render mesh!

System Approved Render Mesh



The application and positioning of mesh is often debated, where everyone will have their opinion - some fully mesh where as others may only mesh stress points and openings. Both are acceptable applications, but the product and substrate need to be considered as to how you apply the mesh, and take the manufacturers' advice. 

As a company, we always say you can’t go wrong with fully meshing the render as it adds that little extra peace of mind.