Did you know that nearly half of all heat lost from an un-insulated solid wall home is lost through its walls…?

Loss of heat from a home means that more money is being spent than necessary on heating bills. By reducing energy bills it means carbon emissions are also being reduced helping the environment too.

Adding insulation to a solid brick property can reduce annual heating bills by up to £460 according to research by the Energy Savings Trust but in addition to this, External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems will make the property warmer and weather-tight whilst a choice of colours and textures will enhance the appearance substantially.

The benefits of using EWI systems include...

• No loss of internal living space.

• Minimal disruption to the household as work is carried out to the outside walls.

• The risk of condensation within the wall structure and thermal bridging is eliminated.

• Lower U-values can be achieved by insulating externally rather than internal systems.

• Weatherproof, attractive, generally maintenance free exterior.

• Systems to meet individual house requirements with an extensive choice of colours.

• Range of finishes available to suit planning requirements i.e. brick finish.

• Work can be carried out alongside other trades such as window replacement and re-roofing.