Weberend Aid - 25kg

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By Weber

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Weberend aid is used to improve key prior to the application of render onto a smooth or otherwise unsuitable but sound surface.

Preparatory key coat for rendering on to the following substrates 

  • Dense Concrete
  • Brickwork
  • Blockwork
  • Masonry
  • Clean, sound, well adhered existing render (<19mm)

Features & Benefits

  • Equalises suction on mixed backgrounds
  • Provides excellent suction control across both high and low suction substrates
  • Resists the penetration of external water to improve the weather resistance of rendering systems
  • Quality controlled and factory blended to give a consistently high quality product
  • Easy to apply by hawk and trowel and/or roller


  • To achieve a good key for rendering onto smooth or otherwise unsuitable but sound surfaces
  • deal as a pre-treatment for renderings required to resist severe exposure conditions
  • Suitable substrates: dense concrete brickwork blockwork masonry clean, sound, well adhered existing render (<19 mm)
  • Provides excellent key for products such as Weber Pral M Monocouche Render or Weber OCR 


  • Do not apply to gypsum plaster or previously painted surfaces.

For applications where the codes of practice recommend sulphate resistance, use only the sulphate-resistant cement formulation.

Please note: weberend aid is usually in stock for premium delivery


1 Bag =  7.5m2 @ 2/3mm

    Please Note: These estimates take no account of wastage and will vary according to the type of substrate. Allowance must be made for extra material required on high suction or uneven substrates.


    weberend aid is supplied in 25 kg bags.

      Technical & Safety Datasheets

      Please follow link to weberend aid technical datasheet.

      Please follow link to weberend aid safety datasheet.