Plaziflex Replacement Plastic Trowel

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By Refina

The Plaziflex Skimming Trowels are for finishing and troweling up topcoat plasters, internal coatings and external renders. They are lightweight and easy to use leaving an excellent finish on the final wet slimming coat.

The trowel body has a stainless steel blade and soft handle which slots into the back of the sponge backed flexible blade, allowing the blades to be replaced easily.

  • Replacement Plaziflex 12" blade, Size 300x140mm
  • Replacement Plaziflex 14" blade, Size 350x140mm
  • Replacement Plaziflex 16" blade, Size 400x140mm
  • Replacement Plaziflex 20" blade, Size 500x140mm
  • Replacement Plaziflex 24" blade, Size 600x140mm
  • Replacement Plaziflex 28" blade, Size 700x140mm