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Fassa Bortolo has been producing lime systems since 1710 and is one of europe's most innovative and trusted company.  

Because the basis of Fassa's philosophy there is the need to build a place of natural life, in which the building is an integral part of the external environment, with the utmost respect for nature thanks to the choice of non harmful and breathable building and finishing materials.

Fassa provide many solutions for lime systems which are broken down to pure natural hydrated lime and restoration NHL 3.5 Lime renders.  These systems provide solutions to walls with either damp issues and/or structural problems

For technical advice please refer to the guides provided in the Plaster Systems Booklet and the production information guides

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 The PURACALCE Bio-Architecture Line by Fassa Bortolo is a line of environmentally friendly products, made with hydrated lime, an extremely natural raw material used since ancient times: complete cycles of products with high porosity and breathability which, thanks to their temperature and humidity control function, create a healthier and more comfortable environment.

PURACALCE includes a complete range of products: bio-traditional (mortars and plasters), biorestorative (undercoats and plasters), coloured and white bio-wall coatings with different grading and bio-finishings (plasters and skim coats).
A practical response to a new philosophy of building and dwelling that meets the needs of the “bios”, of life. High quality solutions to restore walls with moisture problems and to make any housing reality healthier and more liveable, whether newly constructed, renovated or restored buildings. 

Restoration NHL 3.5 Lime Systems                                        

 The responses to modern renovation and restoration requirements first see the light at the Fassa Bortolo Research Centre, to be then applied in the field, in that vast outdoor laboratory that is Venice, a city where all renovation and restoration work has to be perfect. To ensure best results, Fassa Bortolo has completed in-depth analysis on the properties, doses and application of ‘ancient’ materials such as hydraulic lime and crushed terracotta, so as to identify products that can be used to preserve existing surfaces and build new ones, drawing from the experience of the original recipes taken from past literature to develop materials using not a “sort” of hydraulic lime, but rather the real natural hydraulic lime and true crushed terracotta, just like they did back in Roman times.

With considerable care to the quality of the materials used, based on experience that dates back to 1710, and the modern need for environmental compatibility.

It’s no coincidence that the Bio-Architecture Line has, since 1996, been an important part of the vast range of Fassa Bortolo building products, with innovative and certified solutions for sustainable building, from masonry mortar to undercoats, from plaster to finishes.

Care to quality that today is seen in the new EX NOVO Restoration Line, a complete range of products made from NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime and crushed terracotta, products designed specifically for the restoration of damp masonry.