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Research into the preservation of old buildings is today focused on new materials for renovation and restoration. New materials whose roots however lie in the history of architecture, making them compatible both with the materials and techniques used on the existing buildings and the modern need for environmental compatibility and protection.
The restoration system is used where there are no dampness issues.

Use either Finitura Idrofugata 756 or Finitura 750 as the lime finish coat

Rinzaffo 720

Sulphate-resistant bio undercoat made from NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime.

Use as a slurry undercoat

  • 1 bag = 5-6m2 as a slurry coat @ 3-5mm thick covering a minimum of 50% of the wall

Intonaco 700 

Biological lime base coat made from NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime, crushed marble and graded limestone sands.  It is used as a foundation lime render to be applied by hand or machine on new & old brick and/or stone masonry.

Use as a lime base coat

  • 1 bag = 1 sqm @ 20mm thick

Finitura Idrofugata 756 or Finitura 750  are lime based finishing renders, sulphate-resistant, specifically formulated for the renovation of damp masonry with embedded fibreglass mesh.  

  • 1 bag = 5-6m2 @ 3-4mm thick with a fibreglass mesh embedded in the first pass.