K Rend HP14 Base Coat Render - 25kg

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By K Rend

K Rend HP 14 Base Coat are polymer modified and are cement based to ensure flexibility and strength. Scratch coats require only the addiction of water and five minutes mixing time. Normally applied in one coat as a backing for K Rend finishes. Rule off to a flat finish and scratch lightly to provide a key for the next coat.

HP14 Base uses High Polymer Technology for cost effective, enhanced performance onto a wide variety of substrates. It is designed as the ideal background for thin coat organic resin render such as silicone TC.

Suitable Substrates

  • EPS Insulation Board
  • Mineral Wool Insulation Board
  • Phenolic Insulation Board
    Suitable Finishes- After Primer TC applied
    • TC05 | TC10 | TC15 | TC30 Silicone Top Coat
    • TC2 | TC4 Mineral Top Coat


    • 1.8kg / mm thick / sq m


    • 8-11kg / sq m approx.
    • nominal 4-6mm thickness